How old do you have to be to work at Wegmans?

Wegmans Food Markets, Inc was founded in the year 1916 by John and Walter Wegmans. This a US family-owned supermarket chain having 100+ stores in the United States. Since 1998, the company has always been in the list of Fortunes “100 Best Companies to Work For” and has ranked for consecutive 10 years. The company is known for many good causes and has an acceptance rate of 5% only.

What is the age requirement for Wegmans?

Wegmans has a lot of different departments and therefore the age requirement also varies according to the job roles and the use of equipment. In some of the department the minimum age requirements is only 15 years of age. However, in other departments the minimum age requirement is 16-17 years of age which is according to the US Labour laws. The labour laws varies from state to state and that can be asked during the interview.

Young Wegmans Employees

According to the laws, you must have a work permit for employees under 18 years of age (NY, PA, NJ, MD). If you are less than 16 then you can ask for a work permit at your school. Work permits are only issued in school where you are currently studying.

Job profiles at Wegmans

Cashier– In this job profile, you have to deal with customer interaction and monetary exchanges and therefore the minimum age requirement for this job is 15 years.

Team Leader (Cook) – The job of cook- team leader is to assist chefs and overseeing the prepared food items. You must be 18 years or more to work at this profile.

Customer services – The job required friendly gestures and providing assistance and product recommendation to the customers. You may also have to take special requests from the customers and proactively work on that. The minimum age requirement for this job is 15 years.

Management (Entry Level) – This includes job positions as team leaders, department managers and management trainees. The minimum age requirement for these profiles is 18 years.

  • You can find team leaders in each and every department.
  • Service team leaders do the job of front end desk. The work area is only the entry place or the exit place where customers end their shopping.
  • Management Trainees work in hand in hand with several departments and they are in the process of learning the values of the Wegmans and they become Team leader or Department managers after the completion of their training.
  • Department managers are the backbone of the store. They work on creating a good atmosphere for the customers and also ensures that each employee work for the profitability of the store.

Overnight operations – This is a night shift job which includes overnight customer support, Overnight team leaders and managers. The minimum age requirement for this job profile is 18 years.

The employees working as overnight customer service have to work with the stocking and refilling of the products. They are ones who keep changing the items which need to be removed from the stores. They also help in loading and unloading of stocks.

Overnight team leaders have to assist the department managers. They are in charge of the store in the absence of the department managers. They have to see whether the products are there in the store or not or something is missing in the store.

Overnight managers are the persons who have to look at the financials of the store and keep eye on all the employees so that every employee work for the benefit of the store.

Pharmacist – The minimum age requirement for this job is 18 years. One has to be well profound to get this job as dealing with medicinal drugs is very difficult.

Valet – The minimum age for this position is also 18 years of age.

Dish washer– Minimum age requirement is 18.

Applying at Wegmans

If you want a job at Wegmans, you can do it very easily. You just have to go to the Wegmans official website or Wegmans Employee Portal and fill-up the form. You will have to fill your name, age, city, state, full time/part-time, and zip code. Now you have to click on the search button and you will get all the openings list. Search the profile that you would like to work for and click on the apply button.

Wrapping it up

Applying for Wegmans is easy but getting is job is quite difficult. For each place, there are more than 500 applications and then the interview happens. So, you need to be very proactive to get the job as once you get a job and you are also doing your schooling then there are chances that you can get a scholarship from the company for all four years.

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